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Funeral Procession for Covid Victims19. Image Source: Reuters

These Three Countries are Fighting Against the Second Wave of Corona Pandemic

The second wave of the Corona Pandemic is chasing many countries of the world. While no vaccine was found for this virus.

Some countries that lifted closures and relaxed with the coronal epidemic, are now reimposing closings, border closures, school closings and attractions, to impose sanctions on those who violate the protective rules.

The following pictures 3 countries have re-established strict rules due to the increasing number of cases of alkylitis and the number of deaths.

1. India

The government of India reimposed closings in several states. The total of COVID-19 positive cases in India have exceeded 1 million. India now has the third largest number of confirmed cases, behind the United States close to 3.5 million and 1.97 million Brazilian cases.

Although the recovery rate is approximately 63.4%, the cumulative positive test rate in India is now approximately 8% and continues to increase, indicating that a higher test will continue to add a positive confirmation state to COVID-19.

The closure will take place in India, two weeks from Thursday, in force in Bihar and Bangalore

2. Canada

The Canadian government will provide assistance to 13 provinces with a total value of over $ 14 billion to help restart the economy after several months of closure due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news conference that he would be concerned with “the things that truly matter to Canadians,” including preparing for the possibility of a “second wave” of transmission.

This includes tracking contacts, providing workers with protective equipment, assisting city governments struggling to pay for operating costs, helping local public transport operators, a safe space to care for children, and increasing long-term care for the elderly.

3. America

The United States broke the daily record of coronavirus infection on Thursday, July 16, 2020 by reporting more than 77,000 new cases and a 24-hour death rate of 969 deaths.

The worst affected areas are Texas and Arizona which run out of places to store dead bodies when the morgue is full and carry refrigerators and refrigerated trucks.

America itself imposed unnecessary travel restrictions on the land borders between America, Canada, and Mexico that extended until August 21, 2020. Many schools conduct online learning.

Officials are also racing to impose restrictions in Chicago because of the coronal epidemic. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said he would manage the car and tighten restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading. “I’m not just turning the car, but I’m going to kick you out and make you walk home.”