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Valentino Rossi Highlight the cause he late in MotoGP, Image source: Kompas.com

Valentino Rossi Highlight the cause he late in MotoGP

Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi revealed why he finished 13th in the first free training in the Jerez Motorcycle Series. Valentino Rossi had trouble diving into the FP1 MotoGP Spain 2020 tournament on Friday (17/17/2020). With his head in 13th place, Rossi scored the fastest time for just one minute is 38.118 seconds. Despite seemingly underperforming, Rossi feels the FP1 track conditions are better than Wednesday’s test.

“Today in the morning session, the path is in better shape and much faster,” Yamaha Motu GB newspaper quoted Valentino Rossi as saying. The 41-year-old contestant added: “This is because the temperature here is not very high compared to the time we had a test session on Wednesday.” Doctor-Knighted again highlights the racing rhythm that is not very fast in the front row. Rossi also claimed that he did not find his best connection to the motorcycle and tires he chose during the FP1 Spanish MotoGP 2020 dive session.

“We are trying to work by doing more, but our rhythm is not very fast,” said the Italian knight. He said again: “We have to make progress, especially to find touches of motorcycles and tires, and we will see everything in the afternoon session.” Unlike Valentino Rossi, the highest score was achieved by his teammate, Maverick Vinales who succeeded in occupying the second fastest contestant in FP1 MotoGP Spain 2020. Maverick Vinales posted the fastest rpm 1 minute 37.374 seconds or 0.024 seconds slower than the fastest rider of Honda Repsol Mark Marquez.

Maverick Vinales said: “The FP1 has been very fruitful, and we’ve tried many things. We also work with my rhythm which has seen a lot of progress.” Vinales confidently faces the Spanish Speedway on Sunday (7/19/2020). According to the rider nicknamed Top Gun, his performance was at the right level. “This afternoon, we will work hard to prepare for the race. It is very important for us to try to control, especially as the temperatures rise.” “Overall, I am very happy with the team’s performance, we have provided our best,” said Vinales. Moreover, Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales will play against FP4 in addition to qualifying on Saturday (7/18/2020).