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Joe Biden Firmly Maintained Advantage Over Trump-Source Image::Kompas.com

Joe Biden Firmly Maintained Advantage Over Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden confirmed his favorable position four months after the November 3 presidential election. A number of opinion polls released last week from reliable institutions using the method of direct interviews or direct phone with a more accurate level of accuracy, show that Biden consistently outperforms a double number over President Donald Trump. The NBC News / The Wall Street Journal survey gave 11 points ahead of Biden, which was 51 percent versus 40 percent.

Two other polls show Biden’s biggest advantage over Trump since the start of the presidential campaign, which is 15 points. Former Vice President Barack Obama leads 52 percent versus 37 percent of Trump’s support in the Quinnipiac University poll. Biden also dominated the poll published on Sunday (19/19/2020) by ABC News / Washington Post, with a convincing acquisition of 55 percent to 40 percent. If the poll results are translated into election results, Biden has the potential to become the first candidate to win two numbers since Ronald Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.

Trump drowned due to the Covid 19 crisis

Trump’s fall cannot be separated from the increasingly uncontrolled Covid-19 outbreak in the United States. The people of the superpower express their anger at the Trump administration, which is considered incompetent to overcome the epidemic from Wuhan, China. 54 percent of voters according to ABC News / The Washington Post survey chose Biden as the trusted person to lead the United States during the Corona virus crisis. Only 34% believe Trump. This number is inversely proportional to the results of the 3.5 survey last month when Trump narrowly gained 45 percent versus Biden 43 percent in relation to the person who is confident to beat Coved 19.

There are currently 3.9 million Covid-19 infections and 143,289 deaths in the U.S., the highest number in the world. A number of states, such as California, have decided to reapply the closure after the rapid rate of cases. The declining support for the 74-year-old president is in line with the continuing decline in the level of satisfaction with his government. Only 39 percent are satisfied with Trump’s performance, making him the only US president to ever get the majority of performance support or performance satisfaction.

Support suburban voters for Biden

Biden’s great supremacy was backed by strong support for voters living in suburban areas. It is well known that this electorate has traditionally chosen Republicans. But since Trump came to power, especially educated female college voters, have started shifting their support for the Democratic Party. This support is the key to democratic victory in the 2018 midterm elections. Anger over Trump’s presidency was evident in the ABC News / The Washington Post poll as suburban voters preferred Biden by 52 to 43 percent.

Until the University of Quinnipiac poll showed that the two-digit advantage of a 77-year-old veteran politician was 56 percent compared to 34 percent. This surprising figure is clear evidence of a shift in the political map under Trump. Trump can cover his support deficit among suburban voters with the support of blue collar voters. But securing that is not as smooth as in the 2016 US presidential election, when Trump rolled Hillary Clinton among the electorate. While still voting for Trump, support from the electorate based in the Midwest industrial area is also starting to weaken as they begin to see Biden, who has zigzag family roots as a promising alternative. Trump, who just removed his campaign manager, will definitely end up being president for a while if the support map does not change dramatically until Election Day.