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Humans are Wonderful, at The Same Time, Rioters, Image Source: Republika.com

Humans are Wonderful, at The Same Time, Rioters

Planet Earth is the only home to billions of human lives. Environmentalists say that over the next few decades, global warming will reach a level where many water resources will dry up.

Ecology and global warming are very important at this time. The spiritual teacher of the Dalai Lama embodies the place from which Tibet originated, and is the main source of water in Asia. Rivers, including the Pakistani Sindh River, the Indian Ganges and Pramaputra, the Yellow River of China, and the Mekong River flow from the Tibetan plateau.

“So we must pay more attention to preserving the Tibetan environment. This is not only for the interests of six million Tibetans, but for everyone in this region,” the Dalai Lama said in a opinion quoted by Time on Monday.

The Dalai Lama recounts that in the past, when he traveled over Afghanistan, there were clear signs that what was previously lakes and rivers had dried up. He felt that Tibet would soon be like this.

He stressed that he no longer contributes to Tibetan politics. But as far as the Tibetan environment and culture is very rich, he is fully committed.

“We are human beings with exceptional and wonderful minds. But we are also the greatest rioters on the planet. Now we must use our minds with compassion and care. For this reason one of my obligations is to promote more human values. In,” said the spiritual leader of China.

The Dalai Lama explained that since birth, humans have relied on others, especially mothers. From that moment on, everyone’s existence depends entirely on society, because humans are social creatures. Society is the source of our happiness, so we must protect society so that the concept of humanity in modern times is one community.

“East, west, north and south: everyone is interconnected, and the modern economy has no national borders. Therefore, we now need to feel the oneness of seven billion people,” he said.

In the past, many problems were created due to excessive focus on variations from one creature to another, such as nationality and religion. Modern thinking was considered ancient. He said that people should think about humanity, in the whole world because where the earth is located there the heavens cling to.

“We have to listen to scholars and specialists,” Dalai Lama said. “Their voice and knowledge are very important. Religious people should care more about scholars than just praying, praying, praying.”