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Valentino Rossi Highlight the cause he late in MotoGP

Valentino Rossi Highlight the cause he late in MotoGP, Image source: Kompas.com

Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi revealed why he finished 13th in the first free training in the Jerez Motorcycle Series. Valentino Rossi had trouble diving into the FP1 MotoGP Spain 2020 tournament on Friday (17/17/2020). With his head in 13th place, Rossi scored the fastest time for just one minute is …

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Lionel Messi Consider Barcelona is a Weak Team

Lionel Messi's expression in the Barcelona-Osasuna match in the Spanish League, source: Kompas.com

Lionel Messi expressed his disappointment after Barcelona failed to win the Spanish League in the 2019-2020 season. Barcelona beats 1-2 when Osasuna entertains at Camp Nou on Thursday (07/16/2020) or Friday (17/17) early in the morning. It was this defeat that drove Barcelona’s dream of winning the Spanish league this …

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