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Humans are Wonderful, at The Same Time, Rioters

Humans are Wonderful, at The Same Time, Rioters, Image Source: Republika.com

Planet Earth is the only home to billions of human lives. Environmentalists say that over the next few decades, global warming will reach a level where many water resources will dry up. Ecology and global warming are very important at this time. The spiritual teacher of the Dalai Lama embodies …

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Piracy and Rampage Piracy in the Singapore Strait

A number of ships cross the Singapore Strait. Image Source: thisischriswhite.com

Piracy on ships and piracy in the waters of the Singapore Strait is more than double that of two years ago. According to the Regional Cooperation Agreement Information Center on the fight against piracy and armed pirates against ships in Asia or ReCAAP, the piracy of ships and piracy has …

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